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3 easy summer reads

Summer reads are as essential to the holiday months as sunscreen and a killer pair of shades.

Steph from Scale It Simple has joined us today to share her three top summer reads, and explain why reading something fun is so important when the sun’s out.

Step, Scale It Simple
Steph from Scale It Simple

One of my favourite things to do has always been to read – from the memories of my mother reading me bedtime stories that took me away to a distant fairytale world, later discovering Harry Potter and all of his magic, and more recently finding books that fill me with adventure and education.

Like any reader, I love a good variety. However, one of my favourite types of books to read during the summer months is a light, fun and girlish book. If that is even a thing. You know the type of book that has big font, is located in the coolest of places and you feel like a glass of wine naturally belongs in your hand while reading.

Here are a few easy summer reads that will stir your inner sense of adventure, connect with your inner girly girl and you could probably read in one sitting.

So grab your favourite beverage, slather on the sunscreen, get cosy in the grass for a few hours of uninterrupted reading with these cute reads.

The Rome Affair by Karen Swan

The Rome Affair

How romantic is Rome? This book was an inspirational one for me as I plan on visiting Italy next year. I loved this book and it was certainly not what I expected.

This book is about a young lady who moves to Rome completely on her own (how amazing?). After learning a little bit about her life and falling in love with her spirit we are introduced to another inspirational woman. An American Roman aristocrat socialite woman in her 70s: the complete opposite of our main character.

How their two stories intertwine is filled with delightful twists and turns. Discovering the untold secrets of a women’s heart, a generation, and class that many never get to see into brings us to a surprise ending that I certainly wasn’t excepting.

Paris for One by JoJo Moyes

Paris for One

This is a really fun little book to take to the beach or the park for a day of summer reading. Who doesn’t love a book set in Paris anyway?

The main story in this book is rather short and it features a woman who decides to go it alone in a romantic city… Paris for a weekend. Where she ends up is a delightful surprise. I really felt I was with her every step of the way.

There are also other short stories that are perfect for a quick read throughout the rest of the book. Fun and ideal for summer days.

Circling the Sun by Paula McLain

Circling the Sun

This book offers a descriptive peek inside the world of high society British Kenyan colonist life during the 1920s, allowing for a glimpse of an exclusive club of a classical world gone by. It’s a world that I knew little about and quickly sucked me in, making me feel like I was really there, amongst fancy Champagne, classic hairstyles, rich-smelling cigars and soft jazz music.

I enjoyed reading about the characters and their scandalous lives, their livelihoods and their own “arts of getting by”. I thought it was written very well and it portraying the delicacy of conversation during that era.

Well, thanks Steph. These are three easy summer reads that we could all dive into when the temperature soars.

Find out more about Steph and her blog at Scale It Simple.

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