A reading meditation

Like most readers, you probably use a good book as a means to escape the pressure of your life. It’s the perfect way to unwind, relax and lose yourself in imaginary lands where the challenges of day-to-day life don’t exist. Heather Murdoch, from White Feather Reiki, joins Book and Brew today to talk about the… Read More A reading meditation

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Self-help books with sass

Self-help books are undergoing somewhat of a renaissance lately. They’ve evolved from patronising mulch into acerbic guides filled with life hacks that really work. When you think of “self-help” you probably conjure images of cheesy motivational manuals for yuppies keen to harness their entrepreneurial power. Or, books aimed at lonely, cat-loving spinsters seeking guidance on… Read More Self-help books with sass


Time to slow down

You’ll notice I’ll not be around as much from May, and I wanted to explain why. I’ve been blogging solidly for just over a year now and have dedicated a lot of my spare time to this fine art. A typical day involves writing a post, reading some chapters from a book, scheduling social media… Read More Time to slow down

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Reading is the key to rest – even if you’re a book blogger

A new report, known as the Rest Test, has revealed that two-thirds of people feel they don’t get enough rest. In today’s hectic world, that doesn’t really surprise me. My day Here’s what I did today, an average Tuesday: 6am – 7am: Got up, watched the news headlines, made and ate my breakfast, checked emails… Read More Reading is the key to rest – even if you’re a book blogger