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Kay Page: The books that changed my life

Today on the Book and Brew takeover, we are joined by Kay Page. She’s a lifestyle blogger, aspiring author, avid reader and coffee enthusiast: what’s not to love?

In this guest post, she tells us about the books that have changed her life. Enjoy.


Kay Page
Coffee addict and book lover, Kay Page

I’ve loved books for as long as I can remember and I find reading to be the best kind of escapism.

While other people love to play video games, I would much rather curl up and lose myself in the pages of a well-written story.

I’m 26 years old now and it’s safe to say that I’ve read hundreds of books. Sadly, I don’t remember all of them but some have had a profound impact on me.

There’s no doubt in my mind that reading can change how you see things, it can change how you feel about things and, in strange ways, I think that reading can change your life.

These are the five authors or books that changed my life.

All the Jaqueline Wilson books I’ve read // It’s safe to say that I grew up reading the books written by Jacqueline and up to the age of 15 I had read every single one of her releases. This woman is a modern day genius and her novels are filled with life-changing and eye-opening experiences. For me, Jacqueline Wilson is the perfect young adult writer because her novels offer important stories about hardship in life in a way that speaks directly to the reader. It always felt like she was engaging in a conversation with you and I always fell head over heels for her characters. Even now, almost ten years after I last read one of her books, I find myself looking for her latest releases in the book store, just to see what’s there. If I hadn’t found Jacqueline Wilson, I might never have learned to love reading because I cut my teeth on her tales.

Harry Potter by J K Rowling // I found the Harry Potter novels at a particularly hard time in my life and for me they were the ideal escape route. The stories are absolutely gorgeous and I’m still in love with the wizarding world, having just started re-reading them again. There’s something about these books that just feel so right, I feel at home when I’m reading about Hogwarts. To this day J K Rowling remains a role model for me and she’s definitely an inspiration for my author aspirations.

Daniel Half-Human by David Chotjewitz // I recently tried to repurchase this book because my copy is old and tatty, but sadly I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I stumbled upon this whilst browsing the shelves of my local Borders many years ago and it’s one of the only books that I can still remember vividly. It’s set during the Holocaust and is a beautiful story set in such a brutal backdrop. I later went on to study the Holocaust and Nazi Germany in detail whilst in university and I’ve often wondered if this first novel was what piqued my interest.

The Diary of Anne Frank // Another book that helped to further my interest in history and I’ve since read Anne’s diary many times. This story is sad, tragic and eye-opening but for me it’s also so much more than this. Of course for Anne she was just writing in her diary but for us her diary offers an unbelievable insight in to a life that was part of such a cruel history. I find Anne Frank to be so relatable and that’s what makes the story even more poignant. A few years ago I visited the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam and was so moved by the experience. In a strange way we feel as if we know Anne Frank.

Chavs by Owen Jones // During my postgraduate year of university I quickly realised that I had made a huge mistake and that teaching wasn’t the career I wanted to follow. It meant that I felt incredibly lost and unsure of what to do next. I spotted this book in a local WH Smith’s one day and it appealed to the small part of me that had always been interested in politics. I’d never considered that something I could do because I’d always had the feeling that I didn’t know enough. I read this book and ended up realising that it was something I was passionate about and something I was far more clued up on than I had ever give myself credit for. I then decided to get involved in politics and I’ve never looked back.

I have to say that I find it really interesting that most of these books were read as a child, I try to encourage young people in my family to do more reading because so many children don’t read these days.

I’m really interested in knowing what books changed your life?

You can learn more about Kay on her blog OhKay DohKay.

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  1. I haven’t really read the HP series I keep saying I mean to but never do :(. At first I wasn’t interested but I think I am now so maybe 2017 will finally be the year I read it. I think Dustin Baby by Jacqueline Wilson was a book that really stuck with me when I was 16 years old. I remember wanting to read every book that she released. Great post!

    Do you like reading contemporary novels?

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