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Snipped Tales

Julie Kirk, friend of Book and Brew and all-round delightful lady, has only gone and published her own book. [Insert hand clap]

Snipped Tales is a beautiful piece of art as well as a keepsake for bookworms to treasure.

Snipped Tales
Julie’s marvellous new book.

I’ll let Julie tell you more…

Picture a chance meeting (across a crowded work desk) between the art of collage and the shortest of short short-stories. Picture them falling into a deeply crafty and wordy lust until they become infatuated, intertwined, inseparable. Now picture them making small but feisty papery babies together … babies of just a single page in size who go by the name of Snipped Tales. Together these petite patchwork narratives form the pages of my first published book.

Like so many of life’s stories Snipped Tales are about finding one small, heartfelt, truth inside a grander narrative. Each line, each word even, has battled its way out of the confines of existing old book pages, then been cut free, rearranged and reshaped into a memorable new version of events.

And while you can tell each tale in, just about, a single breath they manage to include some of life’s biggest themes including vulnerability, frustration, love and lust. (Then, just to keep us all going, it also includes a chapter on food and drink at the end!)

Dip in and out of these immediate, bite-size, life-affirming treats whenever you feel like hitting ‘pause’ on a busy day. They can illuminate like a glimmering firework, offer comfort like an enveloping spritz of a familiar perfume and encourage mischief like an unattended bowl of cake mix.

Snipped Tales is ultimately a collection of good-hearted moments which you can hold in your hands and which will do their very best to hold you in return.

A patchwork anthology

The human experience and countless old book pages find themselves dissected and reshaped in this patchwork anthology of collaged fiction.

Though short these tales make room for the awkward to feel understood, the quiet to speak out, the frustrated to vent, the weary to rest and the romantic to woo. Not to mention finding space to pitch battles against conformity, dangerous urges … and dragons.

Take a journey in small steps to discover what gets left behind at the Lost Property Office, where Sally hides her biscuits, why Fred and Joan weren’t a suitable love match, and how Casanova fills out his online dating profile.

Moving from reflective and poignant to mischievous, seductive, and surreal, this is storytelling to delight, console, and remind us that there’s never only one way to tell a story; you can always slice up the old one and start again.

So pretty…

How cool is that? It’s a wonderful, unique project and I’m thrilled that Julie can finally see all of her hard work and creativity in print.

If you’d like a copy for yourself or the bookworm(s) in your life, head here to grab a copy.

You can also keep up with Julie’s latest projects on Instagram and on Twitter.

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