Time to slow down

You’ll notice I’ll not be around as much from May, and I wanted to explain why.

I’ve been blogging solidly for just over a year now and have dedicated a lot of my spare time to this fine art. A typical day involves writing a post, reading some chapters from a book, scheduling social media posts or snapping book pics for Instagram before I even get to work. Evenings usually feature an author event (Newcastle is teaming with them at the moment), writing another post, more social media scheduling, a bit of reading and planning ahead.

Blogging is beautiful but it’s a time-consuming hobby and, in all honesty, one that is starting to take its toll.

I started Book and Brew because I have always been an avid reader and wanted to share my passion with fellow bookworms. It’s delivered more than I could ever imagine – new books, new friends and new experiences – and provided solace and a creative outlet I didn’t even know I craved.

However, I don’t want to lose that passion and the enjoyment I get from reading by burning out. I have a list of blog tours to attend and a TBR that requires a ladder. Sometimes, it’s difficult to give a book the attention it deserves and I end up flying through pages rather than savouring the beauty within them. It’s got to stop and I have to slow down.

Real life

My real life, ie the one I live offline, is pretty hectic at the moment.

I’m getting married on 27 May. I’m terrified, nervous and elated all at once. I’ve organised it with my signature 90mph pace and now the day is approaching fast, I need to start slowing down in order to appreciate the detail of it.

Book blogging hasn’t taken me away from wedding planning but it does contribute to my need to live such a frenetic life, and that’s something I want to reduce as a married woman. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not adopting a 1950s-style mentality of retreating to matrimonial domesticity. I’m merely giving myself permission to enjoy newly wedded bliss without feeling guilty for not completing a book review.

As I work in the public sector, my job is crazy. My working patterns are changing but I need some time to bed them in before I’ll reap the rewards. It hopefully means I’ll have more spare time, some of which I will devote to blogging, but it’ll be a few months until things settle down.

My plan of action

My biggest pet peeve is people who moan about things they have the power to change. So, I’m not writing this to whinge or nitpick the hobby I love – I want to tell you how Book and Brew will operate from now on.

Book and Brew will be about quality, not quantity. I usually produce between 12 and 17 blog posts a month. I try my best to make each one an enjoyable read but that’s a hell of a lot of content to produce every month. From May, I’ll be reducing the number of posts I deliver but, hopefully, focusing on the things you like to read the most.

Monthly content will include:

  • Book club’s verdict on our monthly read
  • A couple of reviews from me
  • New book recommendations for the following month
  • An author interview or event review

I’ll also be offering monthly guest post opportunities so if you’d like to write for Book and Brew please get in touch at

I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to taking on too much and overburdening myself with responsibilities. This post, and the plan behind it, is about giving myself permission to do less. My enjoyment of reading started this and needs to be the reward I get from doing it – and enjoyment is what my focus will be from now on.

So, I’m off to finish wedding planning, get married and have a honeymoon in Morocco. I’m leaving you in the capable hands of some wonderful guest writers and I’ll come back with some great recommendations from my poolside TBR.

Take care of yourselves and keep focused on the things that bring you joy.

Dawn x

7 thoughts on “Time to slow down

  1. Aw Dawn – what exciting news about your wedding! I hope you have a fantastic day and enjoy your honeymoon in Morocco. I’ll look forward to your future posts but it’s very sensible not to push yourself too hard and lose the enjoyment of reviewing and blogging. All the very best, Janet x

  2. […] Planning the wedding has been a bit of a whirlwind – I booked everything two weeks after getting engaged in Paris on New Year’s Day and put the finishing touches together over the spring. It was everything we wanted and a brilliant day. The process did help me realise that I have a tendency to take on too much, though, so I’ve decided to slow down on the blogging front and do a little less. You can read more about my plans here. […]

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