Book review policy

I love reviewing books and working with authors and publishers to promote great writing. However, due to the number of requests I get, I have to be quite strict with what I do review. There are only 24 hours in a day, after all.

Here are a couple of pointers to consider before getting in touch about a review opportunity.

  1. I don’t review self-published books. I will consider guest posts from self-published authors so look out for Book and Brew takeover guest spots.
  2. I favour UK publishers. This is simply because of where I’m based and the volume of requests I get.
  3. I prefer literary fiction but will review crime, Gothic, humour and historic fiction. I’m not a huge fan of romance so it’s best not to ask me to review anything from that genre.
  4. I review works of fiction primarily but will consider non-fiction works if they are on a book-related topic (for example, about an author, editor or publisher).
  5. If you ask me to review a book, you need to provide a copy of the book for me to read. I’m happy to take e-books but don’t accept PDFs.
  6. You can ask book club to review your books, too. But, please provide a book for everyone in the group (there are ten of us) as it will take a long time to review if we have to share.
  7. I’ll agree a deadline with you in advance of accepting the review. I’ll stick to it and post the review on the Book and Brew blog on the agreed date.
  8. If I review your book, I expect you to share my review on your social media channels in exchange. It’s only polite.

If you have a book that meets these criteria that you’d like me or the Book and Brew book club to review, please get in touch at